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Priceless view

City and sea view

Good designed airwell and layout provide good ventilation and wind distribution in the house

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3 storey 

1st and 2nd storey - 6 ensuites with 1 entertainment room 

3rd storey-Option of Al fresco dining in spacious balcony surrounded by nice lap pool and water feature. Cosy and comfortable sitting or dining area internally with the beautiful and equipped kitchenette appliances and island. 

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Sentosa Cove Landed Properties


Foreigners are eligible to purchase landed properties only in Sentosa Cove. Staying in a class above its own, Sentosa Cove is Singapore's prestigious gated marina home living and it is truely the one and only niche playground of only the rich and famous.

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Sentosa Cove is the centepiece of the Singapore's billion dollar masterplan for Sentosa Island. It is meticulously conceived and the 117 hectare project is aime to be one of the world's most prestigious integrated oceanfront marina residential communities.

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Sentosa Lifestyle and Amenities


Living in Sentosa Cove is luxury only a few can afford. The development is so exclusive that it does not show up on Google's Street View, a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth that provides panoromic views of many streets in the world


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